Sometimes the parties to a dispute are seemingly set in stone. But most of the time there is a way to find common ground. We build bridges.

The only way to control the outcome of your case is by agreement. There is no such certainty in ceding that decision to a judge, jury or arbitrator. The simple truth is that most cases settle and most parties end up better off with an early resolution.

A successful mediation requires thorough preparation of the parties and the mediator and a frank analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of a case. We will become a student of your case and challenge all parties to think about the benefits of reaching an agreement.

Before you retain us to mediate, please read our tips for a successful mediation here. Although a traditional face-to-face mediation is appropriate for many cases, we will help you settle your case in whatever way works best for you. We encourage open and frequent communication with all parties in mediation to gain a thorough understanding of the issues that bear on settlement. All such communications are kept strictly confidential unless you say otherwise.