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Litigation or the threat of litigation disrupts everyone it touches. Winning is usually relative when considering legal expenses and unproductive time. Losing is, well, losing. Our goal is to get you back to doing what you do best sooner rather than later.

We do two very different things at Hawkins Resolution. In mediation, we help parties reach an agreement to resolve their dispute. Arbitration is an adversarial process that usually results in a winner and a loser. Regardless of the service, our goal is to bring disputes to final resolution faster and cheaper than traditional litigation.

Our Mediator And Arbitrator

Our Mediator And Arbitrator

Over a 30–year career spent mostly in large Atlanta law firms, Charles A. (“Charlie”) Hawkins has represented entrepreneurs, executives, professionals and established companies in business and employment matters. He has been recognized on numerous occasions over his legal career by the Best Lawyers in America, Georgia Super Lawyers, Georgia Trend’s Legal Elite, Chambers USA and Martindale-Hubbell.

Charlie is a trained Mediator and Arbitrator and is certified in both roles by the Georgia Administrative Office of the Courts. He has deep experience in business and employment lawsuits and knows first-hand that many cases leave all parties dissatisfied regardless of who ends up being the “winner.”

While Charlie often represents established companies, he also represents entrepreneurs, executives and professionals and understands what it is like to be the underdog. When acting as a mediator, that broad experience helps him challenge all parties to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their positions and move them towards a common-sense resolution. He also brings that same experience to deciding disputes as an arbitrator.




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Our office is in Peachtree Center, in the heart of the downtown business district. We can conduct your mediation or arbitration here or any other location agreed by the parties.
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